Working with horses at a professional level is a way of life and I truly love it.

At the age of five I started horseback riding on ponies and a great passion had been born.
After my secondary school I got the chance to attend the prestigious 4 year university at the “Hippisch Centrum” in Deurne. During that time I did internships at the well-known stables of Ad Aarts, Tucker Johnson and at the Stephex Stables.

After graduating my parents supported me to start my own stables “Stal Boshoven” in the village of Riethoven in The Netherlands. At first I gained experience by training horses which had never been ridden before to perform as jumping horses. After a while I focused on the dressage sport. In time more and more talented young dressage horses and riders like Sanne van Grotel came to my stables to get trained. Sanne even became silver medalist at the European Championships. In 2014 and 2015 I’ve been training the Egyptian rider Shahinaz El Naggar on small tour level where she became Egyptian champion in both years.

Allready for a long time I’ve been working for Asian country’s to train their horses and riders. My old GP horse Ziroco made sure Japan got qualified for the olympics in Rio 2016 with Kazuki Sado. The Taiwanese rider Yuki Chiu finished on a 12the place individual as the best rider from her country at the Asian games in Jakarta 2018.

I attended many competitions myself with the young horses and in time I became a Grand Prix rider at international Grand Prix level. During this time I got trained by famous Dutch trainers like Tineke Bartels, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Xavier Schullekens. Nowadays Kebie van der Heijden from Stal Korenbloem trains me as no other rider has ever been trained.

Besides the more experienced competition horses I still have young talented horses which I train with a lot of pleasure and passion for the higher work.

Besides training the combinations of horse and rider,  people frequently ask me to find and buy talented horses for them. My character and experience give me the skills to see the potential in a horse which is needed for the dressage sport at the highest level. More and more I have developed myself  in finding these very talented top horses. I have built a large international network, which is essential to bring demand and supply together.

I am very eager to build out this part of the greatest sport on earth where people and these beautiful animals meet.