Outdoor Brabant

breda5 breda4 breda3  breda1Last week there was a big competition in Breda called Outdoor Brabant where Stal Boshoven was represented by 3 riders.

Janneke started Ziroco in the Grand prix and got a score from 66,8% wich was good fort he 4th place! Janneke also started the 11 year old mare Alatrichta fort he second time in the Prix st Georges and got a score of 67,18% , they where placed 7th.

Kazuki Sado started Ropox in the same class. Ropox was a bit spooky cause of all the driving carriages around the arena, so he got a few mistakes. But still managed to score above 60%. Also with his Grand prix horse Bellissimo Kazuki did a nice test and got a 61%.