Debut Delyon PSG 1st price!

Delyon zwarte water

At the subtop competition in the Mortel Stal Boshoven was represented by 3 riders.

Janneke made with the sturdy stallion Delyon their debut in the Prix St Georges and managed to finish this with a winning score of 65.79%!

Kazuki Sado started again with Zirocco for the first time in the Grand Prix since his return and managed to obtain a score of 63.6%. A nice start of hopefully a top season. The score can only get better since a few unnecessary errors occurred . The comment of the jury was very positive.

Vivian Chang started in the Grand prix for the first time with her 13- year old mare Nora. The combination is still very fresh and that is why the proof did not run fully smoothly. In the weeks to come the training will continue.